Hurricane Relief Assistance Program

Storm Assistance Available

Important Safety Tips for After the Storm

As we continue to pick up the pieces left behind by Florence, please be aware that your vehicle might pose serious safety concerns. At Hendrick Toyota North Charleston, we know that the road to recovery is difficult, but we can take steps to prevent further problems from making it any worse. So please read these tips before revving your engine - and tell your friends and neighbors about them, too.

  • Do NOT start a car that has been flooded. Starting a flooded engine could cause further damage, and can be dangerous.
  • If any water has gotten inside the fuel tank, the tank will need to be completely emptied before refilling.
  • There could also be water damage to electronic components of your car. Be careful when turning on the radio or testing other electronic components. And be aware that any water damage to them can surface later on, too.
  • Check for a waterline inside the vehicle. If the water didn’t make it above the bottom of the doors, your vehicle may be unharmed!

And, if you're looking to purchase a new vehicle in the aftermath of a storm, be wary of the condition of the vehicles you're considering, since new and used cars might have been damaged. Be sure to request a vehicle history report and a full inspection.

$1,000 Hendrick Toyota Storm Relief Program Certificate

We extend our support and prayers to all who were recently affected by Hurricane Florence. During the storm recovery process, Hendrick Toyota North Charleston is here for you. We're prepared to answer your automotive questions and provide guidance in this uncertain time. As a result of the severe weather and flooding caused by Hurricane Florence, many people sustained damage to their vehicle or were unable to conclude a purchase they had planned last week.

For those valued clients that were unable to complete a purchase they had planned last week, Hendrick Toyota will provide you with a $500 voucher in hopes that is makes up for lost time. Additionally, for those customers who sustained damage as a result of Florence, the $1,000 Hendrick Toyota Storm Relief Program Certificate is available to assist customers with verifiable damage to their vehicle.

We Are Here For You

Program Dates: New vehicle MUST BE sold, reported, and contracted between September 16, 2018 through October 31, 2018. Program Vehicles: New and untitled 2018 or 2019 Toyota models. $1,000 Storm Relief Customer Support Program from SET MUST BE applied to the transaction. Insurance Claim Documentation: Any customer that shows a copy of their insurance claim form or official verifiable documentation from their carrier indicating their vehicle was damaged (vehicle does NOT need to be a Toyota) or totaled as a result of severe weather or flooding between 9/13/18 and 9/17/18 will qualify for this $1,000 Storm Relief Customer Support Program from SET. Only 1 $1,000 Storm Relief Customer Support Program Certificate can be used per new vehicle transaction.