2019 Best Cars for the Money

Finding the right car for you is all about striking the best balance between the performance, features, and quality you want, and your budget. The winners of our 2019 Best Car for the Money Awards do just that. Covering 14 different automotive classes, the award winners have the best mix of quality and value in each of their classes – a combination that will make you, and your bank account, happy.

How We Measured Quality

As with all of our awards, the starting point for Best Cars for the Money is the U.S. News Best Car rankings. The rankings aren’t based on our test drives and opinions. Rather, we collect and analyze every published and credible review of a given model, then combine that analysis with the latest safety and reliability data. The result is a data-driven, unbiased ranking with individual scores for each car that give you a clear picture of what automotive industry experts think about each car on your shopping list.

How We Measured Value

When it comes to buying a car, value has two parts: how much you pay for the car at the dealership and how much you pay to keep the car on the road. For pricing data, we partnered with TrueCar, a company that tracks real-time transaction prices for new cars. Keeping a car on the road means paying for fuel, repairs, and insurance. For that total cost of ownership data, we worked with Vincentric. We combined the Vincentric data on ownership costs with the TrueCar pricing data to measure a vehicle's overall value.

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